Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice 上個月發布了新歌〈Yuk Foo〉的惡毒回歸,現在有音樂錄影帶了。另一首相對柔情的〈Don't Delete The Kisses〉,我非常喜歡。自關注 Wolf Alice 以來就知道 Ellie 的聲音可以是溫柔也可以是憤怒的。而這次 Ellie Rowsell 的造型和歌曲充滿憤怒,比以往更大膽和突破。



〈Yuk Foo〉由 Adam Powell 導演(拍過 The 1975, Charli XCX 的)拍攝,如他拍攝 1975的新專輯視頻本身一樣黑暗和骯髒。

Wolf Alice - Yuk Foo


Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses

Montell Martin 也有出現在視頻裡。

I see the signs of a lifetime, you 'til I die
And I'm swiftly out, I wish goodbye
What if it's not meant for me?
What if it's not meant for me?
I'd like to get to know you
I'd like to take you out
We'd go to the Hail Mary
And afterwards make out
Instead I'm typing you a message
That I know I'll never send
Rewriting old excuses
Delete the kisses at the end
When I see you, the whole world reduces
To just that room
And then I remember and I'm shy
That gossip's eye will look too soon
And then I'm trapped, overthinking
And yeah, probably self-doubt
You tell me to get over it
And to take you out
But I can't, I'm too scared
And there's the night-bus, I have to go
And the doors are closing and you were waving
And I like you, and I'll never let it show
And you won't wait and maybe I won't mind
I work better on my own
And now I'm, well, a bit drunk
And I ask myself

What if it's not meant for me?
What if it's not meant for me?
A few days pass since I last saw you
And you have taken over my mind
I'm re-telling jokes you made that made me laugh
Pretending that they're mine
I wanna tell the whole world about you
I think that that's a sign
I'm losing self control and it's you
It really is, one thousand times
I look at your picture and I smile
How awful's that? I'm like a teenage girl
I might as well write all over my notebook
That you 'rock my world!'
You do, you really do
You've turned me upside down
And that's okay, I'll let it happen
'Cause I like having you around
I'm a love-trick, a romantic cliche
And they really are all true
And we catch eyes in a stupid party
I know exactly what to do
I'll take your hand, and we will leave
A French exit for me and you
You know I'm home, a little bit drunk
Some things don't change
And I know now
Me and you were meant to be
In love
Me and you were meant to be
In love
Me and you
I see the signs of a lifetime, you 'til I die


這兩個星期又分別公開〈Beautifully Unconventional〉和〈Heavenward〉。
Wolf Alice - Beautifully Unconventional

Wolf Alice - Heavenward



與 Dazed 採訪時,關於視頻 Ellie Rowsell 說:「...因為這首歌的速度非常快,沉重而且勇敢,似乎並不適合敘述視頻。我們把 〈Yuk Foo〉帶到錄音室的原因之一 - 除了喜歡它作為一首歌曲之外 - 是因為我們非常興奮地玩它。它有這麼多的精力,所以我們想製作一個現場音樂錄影帶來匹配;短暫,速度非常快。」

Ellie Rowsell:哦,絕對是後者。當你開心的時候,你真的不想琢磨它。在〈Don't Delete The Kisses〉中,突然間所有這些陳詞濫調都成真。每個人都已經寫過,很難在你的幸福中找到獨創性。我認為,悲慘的詩歌更適合詩歌。

Wolf Alice 的音樂中,友誼更是如此。〈Bros〉來自你首張專輯,都是兩位最佳伴侶之間的柏拉圖式的愛情。友誼在您的新專輯中同樣盛行,特別是在〈Beautifully Unconventional〉的時刻。你為什麼這麼認為?
Ellie Rowsell:那麼好的答案是,友誼是世界上最好的東西之一,應該慶祝。很多時候,就像我以前說的,很難寫一些好東西,所以這是一個挑戰。但實際上,我認為更真實的答案是,當我用完我需要離開我的一個情緒念頭時,當我沒有為自己的心理治療寫歌時,我看著我的朋友。哦,我會寫關於我的朋友漢娜。你懂。

《Visions of a Life》將在9月29日發佈。



出道短短幾年,2015年發行首張專輯,得到佳績。現在就有樂隊紀錄電影。畢竟 Wolf Alice 很強。 電影還取名《On The Road》。紀錄著他們的城市巡迴,我們可以看到他們珍貴的友誼,透過他們的眼睛看到魔法和簡單之處,讓我們瞥見一幕充滿激情的年輕搖滾樂團在炙手可熱的一刻。 其實在他們平時相處就可以看到,音樂就更不用說了。White Room 也是這樣的,希望 White Room 有天也會。
On The Road trailer - Michael Winterbottom, Wolf Alice



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